This year, I tried to read as much as I can. I read at least one hour before work every morning. This allowed me to learn from many different writers on a large range of topics, including founding a startup, caring about the environment, or comprehending the wonders of the cosmos. I wish I could remember everything I read, but because I cannot, I created this post to fall back on in the future.


  • These short lessons are not everything to be learned from the featured books but what stuck with me

Finding the good among the bad.

The coronavirus is a horrible crisis for humankind, causing an unprecedented impact on the global economy and taking lives around the world. For a number of people, the impact of COVID-19 will be felt for many years.

But in spite of the despair, it has been a catalyst for improvement in several areas. Here are 8 things that have changed for the better.

1. Remote work possibilities

For those of us who have the privilege to retain our jobs, coronavirus has succeeded in expanding the realm of what’s possible with remote work where countless initiatives have failed. Companies have had to swiftly embrace a…

Your phone is spying on you — with your full consent.

Every time you open an app, use your GPS, or like a Facebook post, data is gathered, labelled, and filed so that it can eventually be fed to algorithms that tailor the advertisements you see and are supposed to find useful. Search for restaurants often enough on Google Maps and you’ll start seeing ads for options to eat out fitting the profile of those you visited before. Start liking Facebook posts about various travel destinations and the social network will eventually deduce that you are interested in travelling to exotic places every August.

This is what those in the business…

Talking in front of other people doesn’t rank high on the list of most people’s favorite things to do, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I was recently invited to a startup and investor networking event at the Icelandic Embassy in Finland. Many interesting founders with creative ideas took part, showcasing Iceland’s diverse business talent. Later in the evening, when we were all gathered for wine and cheese, the speeches started. Although the memo was to keep each talk short, it was clearly up for interpretation. One of the speakers, in particular, broke almost every public-speaking rule possible. He spoke quietly, about…

Lucas T. Jahn

Senior Account Manager at REDHILL Communications. Filmmaker. Traveller.

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